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Always be in the know

With the world’s fastest and most comprehensive outbreak intelligence platform, you’ll always know what threats demand your attention and why. your attention and why.

Never get caught by surprise

Our AI-powered global surveillance engine doesn’t sleep. It continuously monitors the web across the world’s many languages for signals of outbreaks involving known infectious diseases — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Expand your intelligence sources

High-consequence infectious disease threats aren’t always disclosed quickly, completely, or both. BlueDot’s AI-powered surveillance engine analyzes official and unofficial data sources — for microbes in humans, animals, vectors, and the environment — so you don’t have to rely solely on the official word.

Focus on what matters most

Countless infectious disease threats appear around the world every day. Most of them do not turn into disruptive outbreaks or pandemics. Our advanced anomaly detection system pinpoints threats that are unusual — by place, time, scale, and/or disease presentation — to help direct your finite resources and attention to what is relevant.

What you see isn’t always what you get

Official reports don’t always tell the full story. By combining official source reporting with global media articles and data science expertise, BlueDot provides a true picture of the burden of infectious diseases.

Time is everything when confronting an outbreak

The first step in preventing an outbreak from spreading and mitigating its disruptive impacts is to recognize that the threat exists. BlueDot overcomes the global challenges of inconsistent, lagging, and incomplete disease surveillance by combining the power of artificial intelligence and human expertise in infectious diseases and public health.

“The global early warning system and risk assessment framework provided by BlueDot represent a new area of collaboration. Integrating our domain knowledge with the data provided by BlueDot’s systems will only improve our strategies for dealing with outbreaks.”

Dr. Hao-Yuan Cheng
Epidemic Intelligence Centre, Taiwan CDC

Event-based & indicator-based global infectious disease surveillance


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Predicting the spread of COVID-19 before anyone else

On December 30th 2019, a local Chinese media reported cases of an unusual respiratory illness in the city of Wuhan. BlueDot’s surveillance system analyzed the information and we immediately notified our clients of this emerging threat, which later became known as COVID-19.

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