Getting ahead of avian influenza: Why organizations need to prepare today

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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1), commonly referred to as bird flu, has been making headlines around the world, as the virus rapidly spreads to new animal species. Already the cause of a panzootic (global animal pandemic), in April a human H5N1 case was reported in the U.S. after likely contracting it from infected dairy cattle. The virus has now been detected in dairy herds across multiple states, with evidence to suggest it has been spreading more widely than previously thought — begging the question: Are we at risk for an avian influenza-instigated pandemic?

Watch the recording of our deep dive into avian influenza where we examined why and how organizations should prepare to safeguard against bird flu. Together, through collaborative efforts and informed decision-making, we can mitigate the risk of increased transmission to humans. BlueDot’s experts have been closely monitoring the situation and potential risks, issuing multiple alerts on H5N1 — and other avian influenzas — over the previous 15 months.

In this session, our experts covered:

  • Current landscape: Sharing the most recent insights into avian influenza outbreaks around the globe — and what sets H5N1 apart. Our team dissected the latest surveillance, providing a clear and detailed overview of the state-of-affairs at that time.

  • Strategies for understanding severity, and informing response: Our experts explored the threat H5N1 poses, the ways the situation could evolve, and offered insights into when and how your strategy may need to change.

  • Harnessing the power of human and artificial intelligence: We showcased how near real-time intelligence and human expertise work together to stay on top of rapidly evolving situations for timely decision-making and H5N1 intervention strategies.

  • Q&A session: Our interactive Q&A session provided a platform for attendees to engage directly with our panel of experts live during the webinar.

Watch the recording to take in a meaningful discussion with industry peers and thought leaders, where we examined the importance of collaboration and collective action in containing and controlling avian influenza.

Interested in learning more about the surveillance methods and information around avian influenza? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to connect you with one of our experts!

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