Join the fight against infectious diseases.

We’re looking for talented people who are driven by a purpose bigger than themselves to engage in meaningful work with a great team. with a great team.

How We Work

At BlueDot, we are driven by a purpose bigger than ourselves. United by a shared vision to create a healthier, safer, and more secure world, free from the impacts of dangerous infectious diseases, we understand the complexity of the challenge in front of us, and that it is so much bigger than any one of us. Together, we are motivated to positively impact lives around the world, to do no harm, and to elevate each other through respect and encouragement. Building careers through collaborative discovery and learning, our people tackle complex challenges with diverse expertise not assembled elsewhere.

We promote personal fulfillment in the workplace by removing barriers, politics, and exclusion, believing in the philosophy that by creating a positive environment we all have the opportunity do the most meaningful work of our lives.

Our values are our compass. Be part of what guides us.

Build trust

Trust is at the very core of our mission. When we produce timely, transparent, scientifically validated insights that are free from external influence, we establish ourselves as a globally trusted source of intelligence.

Empower others

People are at the heart of everything. When we elevate our people and empower our partners and clients, we extend our reach to protect lives and communities across the globe.

Product impact

We build products that empower the world. Founded on leading scientific and technological innovations, we enable our partners and clients to move faster, smarter, and be better coordinated than ever before.

Experience our culture at BlueDot.

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Testimonial Grady min

Working for BlueDot I have had the chance to collaborate with some of the brightest most passionate minds in our field. In addition, working for a B-Corp I can feel proud of the work I do and the positive effect it has on the world.

I love working in green field development and my time at BlueDot has allowed me to flourish and grow into my role!

Grady van Pinxteren

At BlueDot, I love being able to substantially contribute to society and work with culturally diverse and talented teams.

It helps me learn and grow
every day.

Dev Maletia

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Working at BlueDot has been an enriching experience. I get to learn from so many different perspectives in our ever-changing industry. Embracing diverse ideas from product and science fields has made me a better designer.

Rahul Malkani

Testimonial Josephine min

At BlueDot, I feel like I have the flexibility and freedom to explore different infectious disease events and strategies to prevent them.

I am constantly learning new things, feel welcomed by all team members, and I feel like I am contributing to a wider purpose. Everyone at BlueDot encourages growth in your career and is extremely supportive.

There is always something to explore and learn at BlueDot!

Josephine De Leon


Testimonial Lauren min

BlueDot is fast paced, impactful, and packed with great people.

We work together to solve interesting and challenging problems to make a positive difference in the world – it is incredibly motivating.

Lauren Charbon

Fun Facts

A: The name was inspired by Carl Sagan’s book, ‘The Pale Blue Dot’. It’s meant to convey the humility of knowing that we are all in this together. The interconnectedness and interdependence reflects how we think about infectious diseases in today’s world.

A: Sometimes we just need a daily dose of cuteness.

A: Believe it or not, he’s a secret plant whisperer, nurturing greenery like it’s his personal jungle!

A: Well, we have a speed demon who can turn that colorful chaos into order in just 2 minutes flat!

A: Power lifting (all those heavy brainy tasks) and a 100-minute sprint (real-time data) – we’re talking about the ultimate mental decathlon!

A: You guessed it—mute! It’s the quiet superstar of our video calls, keeping awkward background noises at bay, one click at a time.

A: We’d have “impact” and “outcomes” right in the middle – the ever-elusive center square of productivity and meetings!

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