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Don’t get caught off guard by illness. Get ahead of illness-based demand for 227+ diseases* with the best Kinsa alternative.

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Understand where and when consumers need your products the most

5-year averages no longer cut it. Optimize your demand plans and marketing activations as the season progresses with early warning of when illness will peak, where illness will be exceptional, and how severe it will be. See out-of-stocks shrink and ROAS soar as your targeting gets more accurate than ever with your Kinsa alternative.

Break out of rigid seasonal shopping patterns

Stop fighting for incremental sales during the crowded influenza season. Capitalize on non-ILI activity that will become headline news, spur new shopping patterns, and drive out-of-season sales with proactive alerts relevant to your areas of interest.

  • Early warning of emerging disease activity that drives incremental sales, such as the 2022 global mpox outbreak or 2024 USA measles surge

  • Near-real time global tracking of 227+ diseases*

*Coverage varies across BlueDot offerings

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BlueDot versus Kinsa

BlueDot Kinsa

Credibility of intelligence

100+ peer-reviewed scientific publications

No listed peer-reviewed publications

Data sources

Novel data sources including wastewater surveillance
Connected thermometers

Delivery of intelligence and insights

API, live dashboards, reports, email alerts, and CSV files
APIs, live dashboards, reports

Diseases covered

227+ diseases*
Symptoms only

Geographies covered

USA only

In-house experts

28% of employees have degrees in medical, epi, or public health fields
No listed experts

Short-term forecasts

Anticipated trends for named diseases including early warning of flu season start, peak and activity surges
Anticipated trends for generic illness activity

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Disease outbreaks drive demand: Impact of Mpox on out-of-season sales

In June 2022 over 995 cases of Mpox were confirmed in non-endemic countries with global spread across the UK, Portugal, Spain, and the USA. What was once a limited outbreak in Nigeria had become a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Staring in April, BlueDot sent six early-warning alerts to clients on the growing outbreak. Over the following months global news coverage on the outbreak surged, driving consumer interest in the disease and out-of-season demand for disinfectants.

With an average of 366 disease outbreaks every year, the next one is around the corner. Armed with early warning outbreak alerts and expert-written reports, you can seize the opportunity to capture incremental sales and get ahead of the curve. Get ahead of the next illness-driven demand spike with BlueDot.

Time is everything when confronting an outbreak

Be prepared to act before an emerging outbreak hits the nightly news. BlueDot overcomes Kinsa’s challenges of limited disease coverage, delayed reporting, and inaccuracy by combining the power of artificial intelligence and human expertise.

“The BlueDot intelligence platform is very organized and allows for a scientific-based approach. It gives us a more proactive and predictive mindset around emerging diseases, including digging into regional and country-level data.”

Leading Health & Hygiene Manufacturer

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