BlueDot’s outbreak risk software safeguards lives by mitigating exposure to infectious diseases that threaten human health, security, and prosperity.

We empower governments, health care providers, and businesses worldwide.
Our Leadership on COVID-19
BlueDot was among the first in the world to identify the emerging risk from COVID-19 in Hubei province and notify our clients via our Insights platform, validating our capabilities as a global early warning system for infectious disease.
BlueDot published the first scientific paper on COVID-19, accurately predicting its global spread using our proprietary models.
BlueDot disseminated bespoke, near-real-time insights to clients including governments, hospitals and airlines, revealing COVID-19’s movements. Our intelligence is based on over 40 pathogen-specific datasets reflecting disease mobility and outbreak potential.
BlueDot delivers regular reporting to answer the most pressing questions, including which countries reported local cases, how severely cities outside of China were affected, and which cities risked transmitting COVID-19 despite having no official cases.
Infectious diseases are flourishing in a world of global travel, urbanization, and climate change.
While diseases spread fast, knowledge can spread even faster.
The annual global cost of infectious diseases is +$570Bn* and increasing in severity and frequency
800 fatalities
$50 billion
Est. cost of SARS
90 countries impacted
$7-18+ billion
Est. cost of Zika 2015-17
450,000+ fatalities
Est. +$1 trillion
Projected cost of COVID-19
How it Works

BlueDot quantifies the risk of exposure to infectious diseases globally, enabling you to protect human health.

We detect outbreaks of over 150 different pathogens, toxins, and syndromes in near-real time. Our platform scans over 100,000 official and mass media sources in 65 languages per day.

We anticipate dispersion of disease, locally and globally, using anonymous, aggregated data on billions of flight itineraries and hundreds of millions of mobile devices.

We anticipate impact of disease spread globally and globally using diverse datasets:

  • Billions of flight itineraries
  • Real time climate conditions
  • Health system capacity
  • Animal & insect populations

We empower you to mobilize timely, effective, efficient, coordinated, and measured responses to epidemic threats.

BlueDot Insights

BlueDot Insights sends you relevant and near real-time alerts that quantifies your risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

BlueDot Explorer

BlueDot Explorer allows you to perform advanced and higher quality risk assessments in less time by integrating 100+ diverse datasets including global air travel and near peak-time disease surveillance that have been curated, cleaned, and combined for you.

We've helped some of the world's leading organizations protect people from infectious diseases.

We've been recognized for our innovative ideas and amazing team.

Joule Innovation Award
First Recipient
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7th Annual Canadian Innovation Awards
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Purpose Driven Award
BlueDot. Safeguard lives. Mitigate exposure to infectious disease.