How Worldwide Connectivity Is Fuelling the Measles Comeback

Most people know the story by now: resistance to vaccination is fuelling a worldwide resurgence of measles, following tremendous progress in reducing the global burden of this highly contagious disease over the past several decades.

This story, however, is too often told in isolation. Our world is more interconnected than ever before – and our health and well-being are more interdependent than at any time in history. What if one infected traveller unknowingly carried measles virus to a country with a weak public health system? What if an infected traveller transported measles virus to a community resistant to vaccination?

With AI-driven infectious disease surveillance curating and organizing more than 10,000 official and media reports per day and integrating global air travel data from more than 4 billion ticket sales per year, BlueDot is continuously analyzing how outbreaks can spread in our interconnected world. This report assesses which countries are most vulnerable to the importation of measles. The report will:

  • List the top 10 measles outbreaks happening now (July 2019)
  • List the top 10 countries most vulnerable to the importation of measles virus
  • Describe how one of the world’s largest measles outbreaks found its way to New York State
  • Lead you to your own quantified risk of importing measles virus, based on your location

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