World Vaccine Congress 2024 Washington DC

World Vaccine Congress 2024 in Washington DC

BlueDot is attending the World Vaccine Congress 2024 in Washington DC where our CEO and Founder will be delivering a talk!

Dr. Kamran Khan, CEO and Founder of BlueDot

Dr Kamran Khan, CEO and Founder

Be sure to visit us at booth 658 to connect, discuss, and learn about BlueDot and our offerings. This will be a great opportunity to connect with the best and brightest in the vaccine and infectious disease prevention industries.

The World Vaccine Congress 2024, renowned as this year’s key vaccine event, offers a wealth of opportunities for business collaboration. It emphasizes product development and the integration of innovative solutions to boost your business and partnerships. Additionally, this congress serves as an exceptional platform. It unites leading industry professionals, institutional investors, venture enthusiasts, corporate investors, and business development executives. Importantly, they will participate in one-on-one sessions with top business representatives, enhancing outreach opportunities in our globally connected landscape.

Moreover, the event will feature over 450 speakers. These experts will discuss clinical development, bioprocessing, manufacturing, vaccine preparedness, and development. Furthermore, more than 250 leading solution providers from around the world will join. They will introduce new perspectives and offer excellent networking opportunities. Finally, this conference promises to be an outstanding networking event. Here, you can connect with thousands of vaccine experts during four days of intensive 1:1 networking.

We’d love to connect while you’re there! Submit the form and we’ll get in touch to schedule time with you at or before the congress! If you’d like to learn more about BlueDot, you can contact us directly with your inquiry.

About the World Vaccine Congress 2024 host:

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