BlueDot’s 2024 Watchlist: The top 5 infectious disease threats you can’t ignore

BlueDots top 5 infectious disease threats for 2024 recording 1920x1080

We are in a new era of infectious diseases — they are emerging with greater frequency and severity. But which ones warrant your attention? In this webinar, we explored the next wave of threats as we unveil our 2024 watchlist of the top 5 infectious disease threats that demand your attention!

Jannine Krish, MBA, VP of Marketing, hosted Hernán Acosta, MD, Medical Science Liaison, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the infectious disease landscape and the tools needed to navigate these evolving challenges.

Key topics covered included:

  • The characteristics and transmission dynamics of the top concerning emerging and existing infectious diseases that are gaining momentum.

  • The comparative risks posed by these diseases, the unique factors influencing the harm they cause, and their potential impact.

  • Best practices for implementing proactive public health measures and collaboration strategies, and how to effectively mitigate these emerging threats.

Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate this evolving challenge by watching the recording to experience the conversation.

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