Why AI is the missing piece in burden of disease calculations

Credible scientific narratives hinge on accurate disease burden calculations. However, quantifying the burden for underdiagnosed diseases or in emerging markets with inconsistent reporting is a significant challenge – one which may understate the true impact of your molecule.

Hosted by our epidemiology team, this webinar provides valuable insights for professionals who want to learn how to use AI-powered event-based surveillance and modeled intelligence to overcome data gaps for diseases across the globe.

Access our on-demand recording to learn:

  • Why underdiagnosis and underreporting continue to be a challenge for calculating burden of disease
  • How to use AI-powered event-based surveillance in emerging markets
  • How to apply new modeled intelligence methodologies such as environmental suitability forecasts to inform disease burden projections
  • How we do it: calculating the burden of chikungunya in Brazil


Dr Hernan Acosta, BlueDot
Lauren McKenzie MSC, BlueDot
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