Customer story

How a global manufacturer stays at the forefront of consumer confidence

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, household disinfectant wipes and sprays proved popular, achieving
USD $4.4 billion in annual consumer product sales in the US alone.

Households around the world depend on disinfecting wipes and sprays to protect themselves and their loved
ones from the spread of all kinds of infectious diseases, including COVID. One premier manufacturer enables their
product development teams with access to BlueDot’s infectious disease intelligence. BlueDot’s intelligence platform
helps them identify the most important emerging infectious disease threats.

“We want to make sure we target the organisms that truly cause the issues. To maintain consumer confidence and ensure the superiority of our product, we want our claims to be meaningful to consumers and to the public health community” – R&D DIRECTOR


To deliver on their consumer promise to kill household germs, the manufacturers microbiology team takes responsibility for identifying and testing the organisms most meaningful to consumers and the public health community. To achieve that mandate, they must stay on top of all the new and emerging infectious disease threats, worldwide. Prior to their use of bluedots intelligence platform, the microbiology team struggled to make sense of enormous amounts of unstructured and disorganized scientific data delivered in countless emails. This lack of curation made identifying the most important disease threats a slow and difficult process for the product research team.


The microbiologists now rely on bluedot as a source of truth regarding infectious diseases worldwide, providing them with the foresight to optimize their product testing and to stay ahead of the marketplace. The manufacturer, for example, successfully tested for and positioned their brands as effective against covid-19 from the very start of the pandemic, further accelerating product demand and solidifying their leading market position. The product development team also uses bluedot to identify, track, and better understand diverse infectious diseases, including accessing historical intelligence on disease activity in regions and countries. This intelligence helps them anticipate changes in market demand for their brands and uncover new areas of opportunity.

Demand foresight
Anticipating changes in demand for solutions
to disease threats

Accelerated R&D
Focusing product development on the most
important diseases

Competitive advantage
Enabling EPA recognition on packaging sooner


Bluedots intelligence platform provides the scientific expertise to help the manufacturer increase efficiency and focus on what matters most to consumers. This proactive approach enables the manufacturer to epa-certify its brands as efficacious against diseases threats sooner, creating competitive advantage. Bluedot enables this global manufacturer to compete and win in the consumer marketplace by helping them to reaffirm their product claim about its efficacy. While their competitors wait for news of outbreaks to pivot their products and services, the manufacturer gets notified immediately of disease case reports and empowered with contextualized intelligence to act with confidence.

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