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How ASEAN BVC leverages BlueDot for disease intelligence

BlueDot and ASEAN: Testimonial

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region has faced significant health challenges. The ongoing collaboration between the ASEAN Biodiaspora Virtual Center (ASEAN BVC) and BlueDot has been transformative. In this testimonial, we look at BlueDot’s impact within ASEAN BVC, examining the challenges, solutions, and benefits for the region.

The Challenge: Maintaining Public Trust in Health Systems

The primary challenges faced by ASEAN BVC were maintaining public trust in healthcare systems and government institutions. This issue was compounded by the evolving landscape of infectious diseases. There was an urgent need for precise, timely information. This included analysis on disease impact, severity, transmission rates, population vulnerability, and healthcare resource availability. While research and manual efforts could provide accurate data, often times this was at odds with how quickly the information could be disseminated and realized. There needed to be a better way to gather, assess, analyze, and distribute critical healthcare information.


The ASEAN Biodiaspora Virtual Center collaborated with BlueDot. Together, they developed a credible and trustworthy solution. It encompassed essential data analytics and reporting capabilities. The platform provided key insights into disease patterns and their potential impacts. These insights were critical for early warnings about emerging infectious diseases, especially those with pandemic potential.

“BlueDot has been a quick and reliable source of data, and it has given us credibility as an epidemic intelligence hub within ASEAN region.” – Dr. Socorro Lupisan, Program Manager at ASEAN BVC

Benefits to ASEAN BVC

  • Enhanced Public Trust: BlueDot’s reliable and accurate reporting reinforced public confidence in healthcare systems and government institutions.
  • Informed Decision-Making: BlueDot’s data was crucial in situation and risk assessment reports, and disease alerts. This facilitated informed decision-making processes.
  • Early Warning Response: The ability to track disease trends and provide early warnings has been crucial in tackling diseases with pandemic potential.
  • Increased Credibility: ASEAN BVC’s status as an epidemic intelligence hub has been bolstered, thanks to the accurate and timely reports generated by BlueDot.
  • Effective Biothreat Intelligence: Recommend BlueDot to the public health sector due to its adept use of artificial intelligence in data collection, validation, and early detection/prediction of biothreats.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The tangible ROI lies in the credibility ASEAN BVC gained as a virtual center producing region-specific reports, impacting public health directly.

Our partners at ASEAN BVC affirm that BlueDot has been a quick and dependable data source. It has elevated their status as an epidemic intelligence hub. This collaboration has had a significant impact on public health management in the region.
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