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Your centralized source for global infectious disease surveillance and risk assessments is here.

BlueDot Insights sends real-time infectious disease alerts based on what’s relevant to you.
Spend less time on surveillance.

We’re using AI-driven technologies to track more than 100 infectious diseases around the world across 100 languages – so you don’t have to.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Think global, act local. Understand what you need to about infectious disease risks in your locations of interest, so you’re poised to know when and how to respond to them.

Respond with precision in an emergency.

When time is critical, know you're using the best evidence to make the best decisions.

Disease surveillance
Processing 10,000+ official and mass media sources per day in 60+ languages to track 100+ infectious diseases.
Importation and exportation risk
Know the probability that an infectious disease will arrive in your locations of interest or be dispersed outside its epicentre.
Outbreak potential
Understand whether or not an imported infectious disease could trigger an outbreak within your locations of interest.
Receive alerts for high-priority outbreaks relevant to your location.
Local feed
Scroll through your news feed of events relevant to your location.
Disease overview
Quickly access vital information on mode of transmission, incubation period, and protective measures for 100+ infectious diseases.
Case & death counts
Stay on top of an infectious disease outbreak with up-to-date sub-national case and death counts.
Detailed reports
Dive deep into insightful reports on the causes, risks, and possible outcomes of outbreaks.
View the sources from which surveillance data were collected.

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Get real-time infectious disease alerts based on what’s relevant to you.

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