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Make better infection control decisions in less time.

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Save hours on infectious disease surveillance with an intuitive solution. BlueDot Insights is a one-stop source of infectious disease data that reveal which risks are pressing for you – so you can focus on protecting your staff and patients instead.

Spend less time on surveillance.
Get a clean, automated feed of infectious disease events delivered to you, so you’re spending less time on surveillance and more time on emergency preparedness.

Be proactive, not reactive.
Zero in on what matters with disease insights customized to your locations of interest – so you can know what’s coming and when to prepare.

Make the right decision in an emergency.
When time is critical, know you're making the right calls to protect your staff and their patients.

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BlueDot Insights Features

We’ve combined our public health and medical expertise with advanced data analytics to curate and centralize public and private sector data on infectious diseases.

Disease Surveillance

Our Natural Language Processing models sort through 10,000 media articles per day in 100 languages.

Local Events

Be the first to know if an outbreak event is occurring in your area.

Importation and Exportation Risk

Get quantified risk information with International Air Transport Association data on global travel.


Receive notifications for high-priority outbreaks via email or SMS as they happen.

Alert Dissemination

Customize a brief message to alert other staff of an outbreak.

Detailed Reports

Dive deep into insightful reports on the causes, risks, and possible outcomes of outbreaks.

Case & Death Counts

Stay on top of an infectious disease outbreak with up-to-date case and death counts.

Reference Articles

Follow up on source materials used to inform event summaries and metadata.

Disease Information

Learn about each disease's mode of transmission, incubation period, vaccine availability, and more.

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