Better public health surveillance for infectious diseases

Perform high-quality risk assessments in less time.


BlueDot Explorer is a cloud-based GIS platform integrating more than 100 diverse datasets, including global air travel and near real-time disease surveillance.
Perform higher quality risk assessments in less time.

Wield more than 100 datasets, including global surveillance and drivers of disease that have been curated, cleaned, and combined for you.

Communicate crucial information more effectively.

Share complex information through superior data visualization, to build a collective understanding of risk across geographies and sectors.

Respond with precision in an emergency.

When time is critical, know you're using the best evidence to make the best decisions.


Disease surveillance

Processing 10,000 official and media sources per day in 60+ languages.

Global air travel

Quantify risk with access to 4 billion airline ticket sales per year.

Population density

Query demographic data from from national censuses, the World Factbook, and national statistics reports.

Real-time climate conditions

See climate data from NASA, NOAA, and other satellites.

Insect vectors and animal disease reservoirs

Visualize and analyze geospatial extents of important insect vectors and livestock populations.

Filtering tool

Narrow down to areas of interest with powerful filters across a range of metadata.

Intersect tool (U.S. only)

Together with advanced filters, intersect between geospatial layers to perform multi-criterion searches.

Clustering tool (U.S. only)

Quickly discover hot spots, cold spots, and spatial outliers with state-of-the-art clustering analytics.

Data visualization

Layer and visualize diverse datasets for easy comprehension of risk assessments.

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Conduct your ideal infectious disease risk assessment.

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